Sweetest Hangover

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“Sweetest Hangover”
Giclee on Paper


“Sweetest Hangover” by Raymond B. Cody is an enchanting piece that melds a medley of colors into a harmonious composition. The artwork captures a dancer swept over into bliss, her graceful dance technique epitomizing artistry and elegance. The original painting, rendered in oil on canvas, showcases Cody’s remarkable ability to blend vibrant hues that seamlessly flow together, enhancing the dancer’s ethereal movement. The print, available as a Giclee on paper, preserves the vivid detail and dynamic energy of the original, allowing viewers to experience the enchanting beauty and emotional depth of “Sweetest Hangover” in stunning clarity.

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Dimensions 40 × 28 in

Giclee on Paper



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50 with 5 A/P