Diva Before the Storm

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“Diva Before the Storm”
Giclee on Canvas


“Diva Before the Storm” by Raymond B. Cody is a captivating piece that vividly captures a colorful scene of a Diva tree moments before a storm. The piece radiates with bold, dynamic colors, reflecting the imminent clash of nature’s elements. This striking composition is a testament to Cody’s artistic journey, inspired by his extensive travels to islands such as Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Bermuda, Aruba, Jamaica, St. John, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands. His quest for inspiration in these exotic locales is evident in the vibrant energy and rich detail of his work.

The original painting, executed in oil on canvas, showcases Cody’s exceptional ability to convey both the serenity and tension of the moment. The print, available as a Giclee on canvas, faithfully reproduces the vivid palette and intricate details of the original, allowing art enthusiasts to experience the mesmerizing beauty of “Diva Before the Storm” in their own spaces.

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Dimensions 30.56 × 53 in

Giclee on Canvas



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50 with 5 A/P